Although regulation requires testing at 2.41 ATA for 2 ATA maximum working pressure, we actually tested at 3 ATA pressure with no signs of deformation.

We also had the 2 ATA chamber running for about 4 months now with no signs of weakness.
The AirSep O2 concentrator (139 kPa output) is effective up to 1.7 ATA and for 2 ATA two concentrators are required to provide enough O2 flow inside the chamber.

We have tested several types of oxygen concentrators, Chinese concentrators are only working up to 1.4 ATA and AirSep 10 l/min intensity seems to perform best in a pressurized environment.

Due to our contract with AirSep we receive better prices and we can now sell the concentrator for 1500 Euro when purchased with our chambers.