Yes, pressure control is only limited by software. The higher pressure settings are protected by manufacturer password. Once inserted, the computer allows pressure control settings higher than 1.5 ATA.

The OxyLife I chamber is currently marked and sold as a non-medical device, with a software limitation of 1.5 ATA pressure. OxyHelp chambers are built for 2 ATA max working pressure with automatic controls (computer touch panel). All chambers are built according to PVHO (Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy) standards (X-Ray, ultrasounds and dye penetrant liquids inspections) by authorized laboratories.

Following the CE certification for Class IIB medical devices, the software upgrade for 2 ATA pressure will be available for 2000 Euro. Consequently, Class IIB certified medical device chambers (same product, current model) will have the price increased by 35%. CE certification for Class IIB medical devices will be available in the near future.